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Posted by Natalie Manning on

When we opened our shop we found it extremely difficult to source unique retro toys throughout Europe and further afield.

We encountered many issues along the way and decided if we were going to have any chance of running a successful business we needed to look at creating our own products.

When I was a child we had many Japanese students board at our family home.

They used to bring lot's of fun Japanese toys and goodies for myself and my siblings.

One student in particular had bought their old doll over with them. It was a rubber crawling baby doll and I fell in love with it.

I decided I just had to find these dolls as they would be perfect for our shop to stock and I knew my little business partner Ava would adore them as well.

When I didn't have any luck locating these dolls I got myself an agent in Japan who got me in touch with the old Iwai company.

They were still up and running but sadly had ceased all trading of their rubber dolls.

After a lot of discussions the president Mr Hideo Iwai agreed for us to have the opportunity to remake his dolls.

Originally created in the 1970's in Japan by Hideo Iwai, they were named 'Hihi' after the Japanese name for crawling.

We are now thrilled to be in the process of remaking these adorable kawaii retro dolls in partnership with the original Iwai company.

The adored and most sought after Hihi doll will be available to buy in September and is also available for wholesale.

Our hope for the future is to continue remaking Iwai dolls and to keep stocking as much kawaii retro goodies that we can source.

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  • This is so cool darling! And what a story❤️

    Mette on

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