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Sweetheart Boy Superhero Doll Black Bear - Eva Newton

Ava's Dreams

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Sweetest dolls from Sweetheart Dolls.

Eva Newton designed Sweetheart dolls after she had children. She wanted to create simple dolls with a nostalgic, retro expression that appeals to both boys and girls. A collection of five charming and timeless dolls - past meets present.

Rumor has it that the face of the doll is modeled after her daughter Eden's face when she was little, and is inspired by a doll Eva herself had when she was little. Eva's mother has also designed the logo for this brand.

The dolls have a delicate face, with a dreamy look. Each character has their own identity, outfit, hair and eye color. But there is one thing they all have in common: the characteristic little birthmark shaped like a heart on the cheek.

Each doll is handmade with love in Spain

Made in Spain.

Facial made of 100% non-toxic vinyl

Dimensions: 19 cm high



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